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Advertisement of Flax for Sale, Morpeth (10th October 1821)


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Advertisement of Flax for Sale, Morpeth - Click for bigger imageThis printed handbill, produced by William Davison's printworks and using a decorative border, advises the public of a delivery of flax for sale at William Walton's premises in Buller's Green. William Davison was born at Alnwick, Northumberland, on 16th November 1781. He was the youngest son of William & Mary Davison. After leaving school William junior entered into an apprenticeship with Mr. Hind, a chemist in Newcastle. It is believed William returned to Alnwick in 1802, setting up business as a pharmacist. In 1803 he entered into a short partnership with Joseph Perry, a local printer in Alnwick. William continued to work in the town as an apothecary, pharmacist, and printer until his death in 1858. His printed material remains a unique illustration of the business and social activities present in the Alnwick area during the early and mid-nineteenth century.