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Tithe Award, Text (31st December 1840)


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Tithe Award, Text - Click for bigger imageThis is a section of the Newsham and South Blyth Tithe Award of 1840 showing Blyth. The Award lists the name of the property, the landowners, occupiers, area of the property and the amount of tithe payable. The properties are numbered and can be identified on the accompanying plan. The payment of tithes started in England in the 8th century [700-799AD]. At first tithes were payable in kind - for example, 10% of farm produce was payable to the local parish. In 1836 an Act of Parliament changed the payment to a rent-charge payable in cash. In order to set up this charge, a large-scale map and award was created for most English townships - which was known as the tithe award and map. Three copies were made. One copy was for the Bishop [Diocese], the second copy was kept by the local church [Parish], and the third copy was made for the Tithe Office. The Northumberland Archives Service now holds the Diocese copy and many of the parish copies. The Tithe Office copy is now held at The Public Record Office.