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Land Valuation Book - Click for bigger imageThis page from the 1910 Land Valuation book identifies particular properties in Bellingham. Entry 131 relates to the Rose and Crown Inn situated adjacent to the Town Hall. The occupier is identified as John Philipson and the owner as Thomas Philipson. The gross annual value is 30 [approximately 1,260 at today's value] while the rateable value of the property is 24 [approximately 1,008 at today's value]. There were several chief landowners in Bellingham at the time, including the Duke of Northumberland and Sir John de Marie Haggerston of Ellingham.The 1910 Finance Act introduced a new form of taxation on property in England and Wales. The value of many properties had increased because of the introduction of new public amenities such as road or drainage systems. In such cases the property owner was to be taxed on any profit made as the result of selling that property. The tax was short-lived - it was withdrawn in 1920. By this time the Inland Revenue had assessed all properties in England and Wales. Some of the records relating to this valuation are held at the Public Record Office However, valuation books and maps which were prepared as part of the valuation process are held in County Record Offices. These comprise large scale Ordnance Survey maps and accompanying volumes that record basic details re. each property. The maps and volumes relating to many poperties in Northumberland are held by Northumberland Archives Service.