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Berwick Holy Trinity Baptism Register (1793 - 1812)


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Berwick Holy Trinity Baptism Register - Click for bigger imageThis entry, extracted from the Berwick parish baptism register 1793 - 1812, refers to Barbara Elizabeth Wilson born 12th July 1806 and baptised 12th October 1806. She was the daughter of Francis Bell Wilson, who was a Mariner by profession and was a native of Berwick Parish. Francis's wife was recorded as Sarah Jones of Manchester. When a person is baptised an entry is made in the baptism register. Of particular interest are the baptism registers for the period 1798-1812. These are known as Bishop Barrington registers. Shute Barrington, Bishop of Durham, ordered that additional information should be recorded in the registers, for example, details about the parents and sometimes grandparents of the child being baptised. The baptism registers of Berwick parish are deposited with Northumberland Archives Service.