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Northumberland Militia List (1762)


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Northumberland Militia List - Click for bigger imageThis is an extract taken from the Northumberland Militia List of 1762 for the "Constablery" of Bywell which included Riding Mill. The names of those men eligible to serve together with their occupations are listed. An Act of Parliament in 1757 instructed the constables of each parish to draw up a list of all men aged between 18 and 50 years. In 1762 the upper age limit was reduced to 45. It was also expected that a record would be kept of those men who were exempt from service. This could be as a result of their occupation, state of health or financial status. The sick and poor were exempt from the list because their dependants would have required parish relief. After the list was drawn up a ballot was held to decide which of the men on the list would be called upon to serve in the Militia. It was possible to avoid service by paying someone else to serve in their place. The original list of 1762 is held amongst the papers of the Duke of Northumberland at Alnwick Castle. Northumberland Archives Service holds a microfilm copy of the 1762 Militia List.