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Calendar of Prisoners (4th January 1912)


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Calendar of Prisoners - Click for bigger imageThis page, taken from volume 6 of Northumberland Quarter Sessions Calendar of Prisoners, shows a list of prisoners who were tried at the Quarter Sessions Court. Entry 15 relates to Ernest William Hobbs who was sentenced to 5 years penal servitude for pleading guilty to the charge of theft on the 25th November 1911. Calendars of Prisoners are a printed list of prisoners tried at the Northumberland Quarter Sessions Court. The lists provide the name, age and occupation of each prisoner as well as previous indictments and convictions. The date of the trial is given together with any sentence passed. Calendars exist from June 1875 and form part of the Quarter Sessions records for Northumberland. The court of Quarter Sessions were the quarterly meetings of Justices of the Peace who met to hear some criminal cases and to deal with some local administrative issues. Northumberland Archives Service holds records of the Northumberland Quarter Sessions.