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Newcastle to Dilston Turnpike Road (28th August 1777)


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Newcastle to Dilston Turnpike Road - Click for bigger imageA proposal from Francis Robinson to build the Newcastle to Dilston section of the Southern Turnpike. This item has been extracted from the Buddle collection. The collection comprises the working papers of John Buddle, who died in 1843; with some papers of his father, also John, who died 1806. The collection also contains the papers of other colliery viewers collected by the Buddle's in the course of their work. A major part of the Buddle collection is a series of report and memoranda books compiled by John Buddle junior together with colliery journals and diaries of work. The collection also contains colliery notebooks of John Buddle senior, a series of lining books and personal papers. The Buddle Collection forms part of the papers of The North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers [NEIMME], which have been deposited with the Northumberland Archive Service. The collection relates to the history and development of the coalmining and engineering industries in the North of England, with particular reference to Northumberland and Durham.