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Heddon-on-the-Wall Mansion House Sale Catalogue (1895)


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Heddon-on-the-Wall Mansion House Sale Catalogue - Click for bigger imageThis is plan extracted from a sale catalogue relating to Heddon Mansion House. Sale catalogues were usually produced to give details on the extent of properties and land for sale. Catalogues could range from sale information relating to vast estates or to single dwellings. Many contain photographs of properties together with descriptions of the state of repair of the dwellings for sale. Some catalogues, which relate to agricultural land, state the type of crops planted with production yields from land. This sale catalogue forms part of a series collected by the Rothbury Land Agents, R.G. Bolam and son. Their collection does not just contain material relating to rural Northumberland, but also contains sale notices and auction details of many non-Northumberland estates. This collection, which has been deposited with the Northumberland Archive Service, forms part of a vast collection of material relating to properties and land sales within Northumberland.