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Morpeth St. George's Patient Case Book (May 1890 - June 1892)


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Morpeth St. George's Patient Case Book - Click for bigger imageThis page has been taken from the patients' casebooks of the Northumberland County Lunatic Asylum, now known as St. George's Hospital, in Morpeth. The Asylum was built in 1859 and was originally planned to house 130 patients. However, by 1889 the number of patients had risen to more than 600. The casebooks contain personal information about patients names, date of admission, age, marital status, occupation, abode, religion, supposed cause of illness and detailed description of the symptoms and treatment. In the examples provided on this website the names of patients have been removed to preserve anonymity. Photographs of many patients are also included in the books. The books are an excellent source for the family historian. These books as well as many other records of St. George's Hospital have been deposited with the Northumberland Archive Service. It should be noted that access to personal information is restricted with a closure period of one hundred years in place.