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Easting: 599500  Northing: 425500  Latitude:N55:17:20   Longitude: W1:36:00  Show Location Map
Hadston, Chevington Drift Stable

Hadston is a township in the chaplery of Chevington, in the parish of Warkworth in  Northumberland.  The name of Hadston is mentioned in historical documents which date back to the 12th century.  In the 19th century it was divided into four farms: Hadston, Hadston Link House, High Coldrife and Low Coldrife but has now expanded to become a village in its own right.  In the mid 16th century Hadston township was acquired by Robert Brandling of North Gosforth.  It remained in the Brandling family until the mid 17th century when it was sold to Sir William Carnaby of Thernham.  On his death Hadston passed to his daughter, Jane Carnaby, who was married to Sir Thomas Haggerston.  It remained with the Haggerstons until 1826 when it was sold to Mr Addison Baker Cresswell of Cresswell, Northumberland.  The land was considered extremely fertile and was well cultivated farm land producing excellent crops.  Prior to the estate being sold to Mr Baker Cresswell one of the tenants of Hadston Link House, Mr Robert Coward, had developed an improved seed drill to facilitate the cultivation of this fruitful land.  It appears that there was a manor house but there are no visible traces remaining.  In 1867 Mr Baker Cresswell leased the estate to the Broomhill Colliery Company and several drift mines seem to have been worked in conjunction with Broomhill Colliery but it is not clear how much tonnage was raised.   Throughout the 19th century the population of Hadston remained almost static: in 1801 the population was 68 and in 1891 it was 78.  It peaked in 1851 when it reached 103.

Nowadays, the coast at Hadston around Bondi Carrs and Hadston Carr is an excellent winter sea fishing venue which is popular with both locals and visitors alike and there are also good bird watching opportunities.  At the present time there is a regeneration project taking place providing housing for the elderly and disabled and self build plots to attract new residents to the area.