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Notice of Iron Sale at Alnmouth (29th January 1822)


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Notice of Iron Sale at Alnmouth - Click for bigger imageThis printed notice is advertising a sale of English iron to take place on the beach at Alnmouth, or Alemouth, in 1822. The iron is lauded as being "suited entirely to country purposes". William Davison was the printer of the notice. William Davison was born at Alnwick, Northumberland, on 16th November 1781. He was the youngest son of William & Mary Davison. After leaving school William junior entered into an apprenticeship with Mr. Hind, a chemist in Newcastle. It is believed William returned to Alnwick in 1802, setting up business as a pharmacist. In 1803 he entered into a short partnership with Joseph Perry, a local printer in Alnwick. William continued to work in the town as an apothecary, pharmacist, and printer until his death in 1858. His printed material remains a unique illustration of the business and social activities present in the Alnwick area during the early and mid-nineteenth century.